Becketts Foods - .NET

ReeCreate have been working with Becketts Foods of Coventry for over 6 years developing and supporting a bespoke shop floor data collection system, SFDC, as well as a suite of integrated intranet applications. The SFDC system allows the Becketts production team to monitor and audit every step of their gammon and bacon production processes from raw material to final packaged product.

The system is operated via dedicated Windows 7 Embedded touchscreen terminals located at Goods In and around the shop floor. Barcode labels are generated, attached to products and scanned at every line, ensuring that production can be monitored and constantly improved.

Becketts also recently requested a desktop version of the application so that production management can monitor the data in real-time from their desktop PCs. Of course we were more than willing to oblige and the application's .NET underpinnings made this a quick and painless task.

Key Features:

  • Windows 7 embedded / .NET WPF application
  • Integration with Sage Line 500 and legacy in-house production planning applications
  • Centralised configuration and updates
  • Configurable user permissions using RFID fobs
  • GS1-128 / Code39 Barcode printing and scanning
  • Integration with serial scales for automatic weight input
  • Client: Becketts Foods
  • Date: January 2014 Onwards