Samsung Harrods Store - Interactive Point of Sale

In the summer of 2019, ReeCreate once again joined forces with Lime IT (hardware) to create a unique and exciting interactive retail point of sale experience in London, this time for Samsung's presence in the prestigious Harrods department store.

This unique project provides shoppers with interactive point-of-sale providing up-to-date prices, product specifications and option, and promotional videos where applicable. We also used networked media players to trigger remote playback of 4K and 8K content to showcase the capabilities of Samsung's latest QLED TV models.

Key Features:

  • Interactive touchscreen point of sale to entertain and inform customers in one of the world's most prestigious department stores - Harrods
  • Touchscreen tablets displaying HTML-based POS from an in-store server with optional video playback
  • Remote updates for ongoing changes to content and pricing without the hassle of an on-site visit
  • Very low latency remote playback of 4K and 8K video content on remote screens
  • Remote activation and volume control for soundbars
  • Android support for tablet control of immersive home cinema experience
  • Lightweight flexible database-driven framework allows rapid deployment of new product ranges to dedicated in-store server
  • Client: Samsung / Harrods / Lime IT / The One Off
  • Date: Summer 2019 Onwards (Ongoing)